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Saša Marčeta Foundation is a young non-profit organization founded with the aim of contributing to the development and popularization of culture, science and art.

Our mission is to create a unique platform for the development of young generations in future thinkers, teachers, scientists, academics, citizens and leaders. We want to help young people in the process of cultural, artistic and scientific expression, giving them the opportunity to publicly present their creative, academic and social potential. Through a series of activities, our foundation will be involved in solving the problems that are nowadays inevitably present in the development of all artists, as well as providing help to students of applied, visual, music and drama arts.


New ARTmosphere

The vision of Saša Marčeta Foundation is to preserve cultural heritage and all the values that have been created through culture and art for decades.

Looking at the future, our vision is a new generation of young artists who, stimulated by the possibilities of the modern era in which we live, can breathe a wave of new energy in the field of culture.


In the service of culture, science and art.

Numerous good ideas have never been realized due to the lack of adequate support. Now, our team is here to be attentive and supportive.




01.01.2019. od 12h do 20hCinema Balkan, Braće Jugovića 16, Beograd Free entranceWithin the great project New Artmosphere, Saša Marčeta Foundation presents the exhibition "Anecdotes" by Marko Crnobrnja.We invite you to visit the exhibition and reward yourself with an unusual gift ...
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Exhibition 20/20 in the cinema Balkan

Exhibition 20/20 in the cinema Balkan

At the exhibition 20/20 Saša Marčeta Foundation and the Nura Art organization presented the works of twenty contemporary artists in a traditional, gallery-like way, but also in the virtual reality owing to the VR ALL ART platform. The history of ...
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Saša Marčeta Foundation 

Bulevar Maršala Tolbuhina 38 Beograd

Artists, partners: contact@fondacijasasamarceta.org

Press: press@fondacijasasamarceta.org


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