Postponed Art&Science exhibition returns in the news - as "Another world"

It is our great pleasure to announce the “Another world” exhibition – an exhibition connecting in a very specific way technology with artistic expression.

Initially intended for opening on July 10, Science day and Nikola Tesla’s birthday, the “Another world” exhibition will officially open on September 25, and will remain open until October 10. There will not be an official opening ceremony due to safety reasons – instead, Balkan cinema will be open from 7PM until 11PM on the first day of the exhibition, that is, from 10AM until 8PM through the end of the exhibition.

The artwork visitors will have the opportunity to see and experience is a result of the artist’s quest for expression implying the search for inspiration in science and technology, the fragmentation of human experience under the influence of technology, creativity behind scientific findings but also the limitations of artificial intelligence. Where does man end and technology begin? Is it possible to draw a clear line?

It is an undoubted fact that technological development has anticipated the possibility of a brand new, another world. And that is the world being prophesized through this exhibition.

The doors of Balkan cinema will be the portal to “Another world” until October 10, every day except Sunday, from 10AM until 8PM.

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