Saša Marčeta Foundation Director

Verica Sujic has been in the position of director since the establishment of the Saša Marčeta Foundation. She started her career as a reporter and radio host, and later as a journalist of Color Press Group hosted a show on BK television. Marketing manager of TDI radio station and other media. She has worked on projects in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Israel and Iraq. Manager of corporate communications and marketing activities of the Frankfurt fair for Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia for several years. Project manager and active consultant for several PR agencies in Serbia. Verica is a specialist for corporate communications, marketing, public relations and negotiations. Team member and consultant for planning communication strategies on several European Union projects. Participant and organizer of several communications and business conferences. Economist with a title of Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).


Assistant to the Director

Graduated in communicology, specialized in public relations. Former member of Radio Beograd RTS drama group, permanent member of ”AKUD Branko Krsmanovic” theatre group in Belgrade, as a United Nations coordinator in the Eighth Belgrade Gymnasium participated in several projects with UNSerbia. Participant in the ‘Be a Man’ project organized by Centre E8. She started her business career in the ‘Centre for children’s summer resorts and Recovery of Belgrade’ as a marketing agent. As a PR assistant in the P.R.A. agency she participated in projects and campaigns as a member of the strategic communications team, creative team, community manager and event planner. She is an associate of the MPCo Consulting agency for preschool education and has participated in organizing expert panels.


Business secretary

Tajana is an economist. In the Saša Marčeta Foundation she holds the position of a business secretary. Her corporate experience was started in the USA, where as a volunteer, she was involved in the work of various international humanitarian organizations. Responsible and conscientious, a great admirer of art.



Founder and president of the board of the Sasa Marceta Foundation

Founder of the company MaxBet. His vision of founding a company that retains a large number of employees begins in 1992. when he takes over the family business and in 1999. expands it internationally, which positions him as one of the initiators of the business revolution of Serbia. Under the slogan „Life is a game“, today the company has nearly 2000 employees, or as Saša prefers to call them, family members. He is the organizer and participant of a large number of socially responsible actions. The goal of the Saša Marčeta Foundation is to provide culture, art and science with more reach and opportunities they deserve, and in 2020. to finally bring back Balkan Cinema to the people of Belgrade as a completely remodeled, multifunctional venue.


Board member

Milan is a graduate economist. Executive Director at MaxBet Company since 2013. Deserved for the overall organization of the company. Participant and organizer of several socially responsible actions. Activist in several humanitarian actions.


Board member

Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, department of Serbian language and Yugoslav literature. Professor of the Serbian language at the highly respectable high school in Sremski Karlovci. As an educator in the Austrian National Camp Lobau (YES Initiative) international camp, she took part in projects promoting culture and tolerance. Participant of EUROPA CANTAT XVIII in Italy, a project dedicated to bringing nations and generations together through music, choral singing. An active volunteer in working with teenagers, through group and individual workshops in assertive communication, anxiety, non-violent conflict resolution and motivating. Dragana is an educational creator in the fields of communicational skills, conflict resolution and a coach of the Coaching program. Human resources manager, profiling and estimation of staff potential specialist.


Board member

Studied at the prestigious Art Academy in Brussels. In the producer's position, she participated in the realization of several art projects in Beirut, London, Brussels and Milan.
Creator of several children’s humanitarian projects through artistic manifestations. In 2014. she was named MaxBet Creative director. She is responsible for the visual identity of the entire organization.

Saša Marčeta Foundation 

Bulevar Maršala Tolbuhina 38 Beograd

Artists, partners: contact@fondacijasasamarceta.org

Press: press@fondacijasasamarceta.org


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