Andrea Štaka

Andrea Štaka (*1973)

Andrea Štaka, a swiss filmmaker, screenwriter and producer with roots to Sarajevo and Dubrovnik, makes films about women, who are uprooted and are still trying to control their lives.

She completed her studies at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zurich in 1998 with the successful short film Hotel Belgrade. In addition to several other short films, she made the documentary film Yugodivas in 2000. Her feature film debut Das Fräulein was the first Swiss film in 21 years to win the Golden Leopard. 

“The Swiss said the winner of this film is a Swiss, the Bosnians claimed she was Bosnian and the Croats said she was a Croat. That’s all true somehow, she says, I carry these cultures within me. There were times when I wanted to decide about my identity at school, when I was the Yugoslavian in my class. But Switzerland has changed since then. What does it mean to be Swiss? Today you can be Swiss with several cultures, I find that extremely beautiful… . The more you know and know, the richer life is, it is not always easy, there are days when I wish, I could say, I am from a city, from a country, my whole family lives there and me too – period. But it is a wealth to be able to communicate in three languages with three different peoples.”

Hotel Belgrade, 1998

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