Saša Marčeta Foundation and  Association Dreams come true / Geneva, support the project  Invisible
June 2019.
Y A N  D U Y V E N D A K
projekat / invisible


ZOOL. Type of living or fossilized mollusc, with two unequal valves, related to oysters



PHILOSAbsence of norms or stable organization; resulting in disarray in individuals

: […]

− By. ext. Contestation of society, either by rejecting all society, or by desiring to reform it


The so-called public space is less and less so. It may be public access. But as soon as one is affected by a slight change, an inclination, as soon as one creates a possible anomie, one sees the forbidden, the limits, the edges of what is possible.

Invisible project

Invisible is a project which sends you, a citizen, into your public space to carry out minuscule interventions. With others, you create a tiny situation, nothing serious, nothing illegal, but a constructed situation, which reveals something that you may not have seen before.

You create a situation of which you are at the same time the initiator and the spectator. The spectator of a subtle disturbance, a legal but oh so exciting disarray. An action in minor mode which may create, for an instant, a certain poetry of the absurd of which only you know the origin.

Collaborators at the project: Esther Jungo, Stevan Vuković, Ksenija Samardžija and Dragan Zdravković.


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