Saša Marčeta Foundation is a young non-profit organization founded with the aim of contributing to the development and popularization of culture, science and art.

Our mission is to create a unique platform for the development of young generations in future thinkers, teachers, scientists, academics, citizens and leaders. We want to help young people in the process of cultural, artistic and scientific expression, giving them the opportunity to publicly present their creative, academic and social potential. Through a series of activities, our foundation will be involved in solving the problems that are nowadays inevitably present in the development of all artists, as well as providing help to students of applied, visual, music and drama arts.

Behind every meaningful word, verse, note, picture, artwork and every step, there is a process of discovering, understanding and creating the world around us. The process of creation and artistic expression should not be the privilege of individuals, but the measure of awareness and wealth of society.

By making the new concept of Cinema Balkan the foundation will represent support and dynamic link between artists, educators, urbanists, media, companies, general public and every individual, aiming at promoting cultural and artistic events, exhibitions, manifestations, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, ...

Recognizing the indisputable power of art as a source of inspiration and revival of cultural values, Saša Marčeta Foundation will develop projects that revitalize nobility and humanity, develop imagination and exchange of ideas, connect communities and encourage co- ordination and co-operation of society.

Saša Marčeta Foundation 

Bulevar Maršala Tolbuhina 38 Beograd

Artists, partners: contact@fondacijasasamarceta.org

Press: press@fondacijasasamarceta.org


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