Supporting program STAYING HERE WITH YOU – moving

10th of October 19h
Performances at the Opening:

Les Reines Prochaines (Buduće Kraljice)
Katja Schenker
Samuel Herzog
Alexandra Meyer
Branko Milisković
Dejan Klincov

13th of October 17h

Panel discussion
Migration or STAYING in Europe

Damir Skenderović Professor of contemporary History Fribourg, Switzerland
Zorica Tomić Professor of culture and communicology at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade
Muharem Bazdulj Journalist, translator, writer

11th of October 18h
Why Belgrade – The Art residence of the Canton Thurgau in Belgrade

Gioia dal Molin Head of Culture department Canton Thurgau, Switzerland.

11th of October 19h
8th of November 19h, 9th of November 19h

Yan Duyvendak’s Performance Invisible are interventions in the urban space from Belgrade.

„Invisible“ is a game where you are sent out into the public space to carry out tiny interventions, based on a short scenario and an experience report. In a group of about 8 to 12 players, you set up a small situation, nothing serious, and become both the initiators and audience of a slight disturbance that is legal yet exciting. The game creates, if only for a short moment, a kind of poetry of the absurd, whose origin you are the only one to know.

At your arrival at the host institution, on performance day, the 8 or 9 November, you will receive the content of the series (three or four actions) and you will go to perform in neighboring public spaces before returning to the host institution for a collective debriefing and to share your experiences around a free drink.

Several series of at least three actions on 8 and 9 November are available to you. Feel free to come back another day to try different series!

Take your reading glasses to follow the steps of your action, and wear appropriate outdoor clothes. Participation requires the use of Viber, so please remember to charge your smartphone. We have some SIMcards available for participants.

Registration of participation at

see you

20. oktobar 20 h
Ansambl Studio 6 + Jonas Kocher

Program: Jonas Kocher, Sonja Mutić, Ernö Király, Jürg Frey
Bojana Pantović, violin
Nenad Marković, trumpet
Milana Zarić, harp
Vladimir Blagojević, harmonica
Kaja Farszky, percussion
Svetlana Maraš, electronics

9th of November 19 h

Lara Stanić will introduce us in her biography;
Lara is a musician, performance and media artist born in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia. She left Serbia with her family and now lives in Switzerland.

Maria Esther Jungo & Ksenija Samardžija

Saša Marčeta Foundation 

Bulevar Maršala Tolbuhina 38 Beograd

Artists, partners:



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