VR film at Balkan Cinema


In such a rapidly changing world it is important to acknowledge that these changes are only the beginning, and that digital transformation is something that must be understood and applied.

This is why we have equipped Balkan cinema with VR equipment which, aside from everything else that it is, represents a new artistic medium and a passage towards new artistic freedoms. Virtual reality connects man and machine, the real and the abstract and offers completely new dimensions for an artist as a creator, but also for consumers, that is, for the way we experience works of art.

Documentary features enthusiasts were able to experience precisely that during the Beldocs festival, which lasted from September 3 until September 10; a festival that entrusted The Saša Marčeta Foundation and Balkan cinema with their VR selection. In the premises of Balkan cinema, via Balkan cinema’s VR equipment, visitors were introduced to the work of four authors: Jan Kounen, Diego Kompel, Ana Knezevic and Milad Tangshir. We have no doubt that this is just the beginning, and that in the near future we will frequently bear witness to works of art generated through the use of virtual reality as a new artistic medium.


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