Another world

Odložena Art&Science izložba nam dolazi u novoj formi - kao "Drugi svet"

From September 25 to October 10 the doors of Balkan cinema were a portal into “Another world”, an exhibition that gathered twelve artists inspired by technology and big questions regarding the place of man in a virtual world.

Initially called Art&Science Weekend, inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla and planned for July 10 – Science day and birthday of Nikola Tesla, the exhibition was postponed due to safety reasons. From that point the exhibition started reshaping. Eventually, this exhibition began to explore the space between the real and virtual world, while connecting technology and artistic expression.

The artwork exhibited is a result of the artist’s quest for expression implying the search for inspiration in science and technology, the fragmentation of human experience under the influence of technology, the creativity behind scientific findings but also the limitations of artificial intelligence. Where does man end and technology begin? Is it possible to draw the line?

It is an undoubted fact that technological development has anticipated the possibility of a brand new, another world. And that is the world being prophesized through this exhibition.

The exhibition was closed with a performance of Miroslav Misa Savic who, through the sounds of lightning, brain waves and thunder, symbolically expressed the connection between the contemporary day-to-day of man and technology.

We wish to hereby express our gratitude to all of the artists participating in this exhibition: Selman Trtovac, Ana CuzovicC, Iva Ciric, Nenad Gajic, Milan Licina, Zarko Aleksic, Iva Atoski, Miroslav Misa Savic, Stevan Kojic, Natasa Teofilovic, Branislav Brkic and Jasna Jovicevic.

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