Support of “Saša Marčeta” Foundation to the reconstruction of the cinema “Balkan“

The cinema “Balkan” will be one of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade in autumn 2020. The guarantees that everything will be completed within the promised deadline, and that this building will have better treatment than ever, come from the company “Beoban”, to which the cinema “Balkan” has been belonging since 2011. In the last few months reconstruction supervised by the most experienced architects in the country has been done. This is not surprising since it is a cultural monument.  

The works are entirely in the hands of the professionalits and the relevant institutions – the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Belgrade and the City Secretariat for Culture. As investors, we want this place in the heart of Belgrade to shine in a special way in two years. The cinema with its door open for all admirers of culture will be returned to the capital- these are the words of the representatives from “Beoban”.

They also say that the new concept will be based on the modernization of an object that has a long and valuable history. The cinema hall will be multifunctional, and apart from film projections, other cultural contents will also be organized as well, which means that the cinema seats will not be fixed. The plan is that this multipurpose space will be the center of music concerts, festivals, and exhibitions of large sculptures, fashion shows, and modern performances. It has been announced that there will be a café inside, too, a beautiful and special space that can be connected with the hall. Full support for the renovation of this building is provided by Saša Marčeta Foundation.

– We carefully supervise all the works and expect this space to get the look it deserves. Our foundation will right here support the work of young talented people and cultural events. The cinema “Balkan” will be an inspiration to our work, this was said by “Saša Marčeta” Foundation.


The cinema “Balkan” is located in Belgrade, at 16 Braće Jugovića Street. As an object in which important events for the history and culture of Belgrade and Serbia occurred and as a part of a complex of buildings that emerged in the late 19th century, the cinema building “Balkan” represents the testimony to the cultural, urban and architectural development of Belgrade during the second half of the 19th century and has the status of cultural monument. The building, originally designed for the hotel “Bulevar”, was erected between 1867. and 1870. on the foundations of the Turkish temple, with 14 rooms and a tavern with the garden always full of guests. Djordje Paša, a producer of alcoholic drinks, started to built it, but in time he ran out of money and got a loan from Vanđel Tom, a famous tobacconist. Since the loan was high, Pashon failed to return it, and in 1900. the entire property was sold to Vanđel Toma. The representative building conceived in the style of academism consisted of three separate wholes between the present day Makedonska, Braća Jugovića and Bulevar Despota Stefana Streets. After a certain time, the original building was extended and there was a large hall for dancing parties and weddings in the ground floor. In this hall, decorated with luxurious chandeliers, large mirrors and lanterns the Austrian and Czech music chapels performed at the end of the 19th century, so Bulevar became the “first Belgrade musical hall”. Only three years after the first film projection in Belgrade in 1899, the first film was shown in this hall. In the building of the present day cinema “Balkan”, the Belgrade Opera under the leadership of Žarko Savić functioned from 1909 to 1911, and that was why the entire hotel became known as “Opera“.The permanent cinema in the hotel started working in 1912. under the name “Grand Cinema of the Gomon Family at “the Opera Hotel”. For a time, the plays of the theater of Brana Cvetkovic were also performed. The current name “Balkan” cinema was given in early 1928.

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