March ART Performance Festival

March ART Performance Festival Inner voices

March ART Performance Festival
Inner voices
29.03. – 31.03.2019.

Balkan Cinema  16, Braće Jugovića Street

Branko Milisković, Sara Kostić, Marco Nektan, Sanja Latinović, Grupa 04, Dejan Atanacković, Manja Ristić, Mirian Kolev – EUERPI, Izvanredni Bob, Umbra, WoO, Кir , Matej Rusmir i Andria.

Festival Inner voices selects performers who will carry out a series of independent performances in the space of Cinema Balkan, from 29-31 March. The festival programme identifies different topics and analyses the issues of identity, physicality, closeness, unitedness… It touches upon the intimacy and explores individual spaces, relying on the body, movement, sound, noise …

With their own capabilities artists provoke the state of our sensuality using different means of expression. Performances are realized successively in different spaces and levels of Cinema Balkan and through different dynamics.

On the first two days Branko Milisković, Sara Kostić, Marco Nektan, Group 04, Dejan Atanacković and Manja Ristić will give the performance in complex production and  realization. On the third day, the programme of the festival will be relaxed through the light and sound effects in the collective performances of the Incredible Bob, Kir, WoO, Manja Ristic and Mirian Kolev, Umbra, Matej Rusmir and Andrie.

Video works are the accompanying element of the festival programme that upgrades the repertoire with previous experiences of artists. The works of Body Prayers and Sara Kostić detect the social obsession with the cult of the body that is transformed from the desired position into any kind of position while retaining the properties of the obsession. There is also the premiere of the video work of Marco Nektan and East Princess Verlorene Gotter in front of the Belgrade audience, where the position of artists from the Eastern and Western Europe is actualized through the motive of the Fall of the Berlin wall.

Selectors: Stevan Vuković, Dragan Zdravković i Ksenija Samardžija.
Text: Ksenija Samardžija

Saša Marčeta Foundation 

Bulevar Maršala Tolbuhina 38 Beograd

Artists, partners:



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