June 4 – July 4, 2022.     

Lal Batman | ENTR’ACTE: Between the Acts of Life

Photo: Marina Bugarčić

Sometimes life acts as a moving image flowing with the wind. In her first international solo exhibition, Lal Batman invites us to explore the cinematic sensibilities of ENTR’ACTE: Between The Acts of Life. She asks whether we can take a short break, change our anthropocentric lens, adopt a microscopic view, and take a closer look at the “nature cultures” that we live and coexist with.

The portrayals of exposed female bodies are distorted self-reflections of stripped biopower as a power over life, power over bodies. Can you resonate with that little plant growing in the soil? Let us hear the frequencies of a busy fly, which eats our organic waste and help decomposing matter into its basic blocks? How would it be possible to engage with and learn to coexist from the microorganisms beyond our scope?

Photo: Marina Bugarčić

Eyes are on us everywhere and anywhere… Tracking, scoring, monitoring, calculating and forecasting the acts of life are deeds of biopower. Biopower is power over life, power over bodies. The society of the spectacle has moved from opera and movie theatres to the society of social media platforms. Which platforms are you working for right now? How many stars did you see today? Can muses of our age be amused?

As a reflection of voices, faces, words, feelings and dreams buried in the darkness behind the history’s tightly closed curtains, ENTR’ACTE: Between the Acts of Life offers new possibilities and witty acts of life. The videos, installations and paintings are situated to create a temporal space to make a performative pause, if only for a moment, not only to indulge in the light and colours that emerge from the darkness, but also make ourselves aware of the whispering and fleeting joy of living.

Photo: Marina Bugarčić

Lal Batman was born in 2001 in Bursa. She spent her childhood years moving between Istanbul and Bursa, receiving an academic education in arts. After graduating from the fine arts high school, she started the undergraduate program in Plastic Arts at the Yeditepe University in 2019. She spent her university years studying the disciplines of plastic art and actively producing. During this period, she participated in curatorial projects, workshops, symposiums and panels in Europe, Asia, South America and the Balkan countries, including Athens (IVthInternational Athens Art Symposium by UNESCO, 2017), Varna (Boris Georgiev Gallery & Varna City Gallery, 2017), Shumen (Repeat All Short Movie Festival, 2017), Paris (Galerie Da Vinci Art), Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, 2018) and Miami (Historic Art District, 2019). Batman continues to actively work on her projects and exhibitions in Turkey. 

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