Exhibition 20/20 in the cinema Balkan

20-20 izlozba novine-compressed-1Exhibition 20/20

At the exhibition 20/20 Saša Marčeta Foundation and the Nura Art organization presented the works of twenty contemporary artists in a traditional, gallery-like way, but also in the virtual reality owing to the VR ALL ART platform. The history of art is filled with movements of spatial and conceptual boundaries, as well as different approaches and views on art. From the ritual needs of tribal communities, art in the service of religion and contemplation, through the need for decoration and enjoyment, art follows the civilization flow. Then the need emerged to separate art as a concept that is independent of the primarily created one, representative, usable, and the artists experimented within the separate space of the inner being, mind, and emotions, which leads to the shift towards experimenting with the virtual space. The two-sided approach to space, limited and unlimited, real and virtual, introduces observers into the unique sphere of the combination of the new era of modern technology and a traditional approach to the site labeled “cult”.

Cinema Balkan and new ARTMOSPHERE

The cinema Balkan itself is architecturally a cultural monument, and the exhibition 20/20 is an introduction to its reconstruction and transition into the multifunctional cultural and artistic space of Balkan 2020. The slogan of Saša Marčeta Foundation NEW ARTMOSPHERE was presented to the visitors. This slogan is not just wordplay, but it summarizes the mission and vision of our organization, which is to create a unique platform that will connect young, creative people and offer them space, additional knowledge, and resources to create and develop their ideas, present them in public, and thus create a new atmosphere. Although the cinema Balkan will play a significant role in this project, NEW ARTMOSPHERE is more than space. NEW ARTMOSPHERE is the idea that creating a dynamic connection between artists, educators, urbanists, the media, companies and, the general public is the key to improvement and changing the cultural background of a country.  Saša Marčeta Foundation is here to offer a bridge that will connect these social actors who have been insufficiently connected so far.

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