Aleksandar Denić – DECADE

In collaboration with the Serbian Ministry of Art and Information and with support from the “Saša Marčeta” Foundation, the exhibition “Decade” gives a multi-layered display of Aleksandar Denić’s artwork.

The show is dedicated to the artist’s most recent decade during which he has created some of the most significant works, which were staged in the German-speaking world. The exhibition follows the development of his creative process from sketches to drawings and final compositions, including the monumental stage design for Brecht’s Galileo Galilei, directed by Frank Castorf, which was transferred from Berlin so that the Belgrade audience could see and feel the authenticity of the structure that plays with symbols and aesthetics, and which stands as an independent artwork in its own right even when removed from the theatre context. The show, which takes up the space of 1000 square meters on four floors of the Balkan’s historical building, will allow Belgrade visitors to see Denić’s artwork that has earned him numerous awards and accolades, securing him a position at the very top of the world stage production.


Saša Marčeta Foundation 

Bulevar Maršala Tolbuhina 38 Beograd

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