BALKAN LIVE – live painting session


During the last weekend in August we opened the doors of Balkan Cinema to the creators of the local art scene.

If we take a look back at the’80s, we will see the beginning of street art in our country and Čedomir Vasić who, with a group of students, initiated the mural map; in 1989 we encounter Vladimir Veličković and his famous blue mural in front of the Faculty of Philosophy, and today we are witnesses to a vital, well organized and relevant urban scene, one that is spreading strongly.

Throughout the two day-long Balkan live project, artist painted canvases, panels and walls, and this unusual event was attended by all interested members of the community. Sobekcis, Junk, Hesoyam, TKV, Dulait, Marz, Das Drogen,Nikola, Rage, Sensi, Wuper and Super Timor presented their work, all with the music support from DJ UVEQ.

It is our honor and our pleasure to support and to offer space to the creators of innovative, fresh art; art that takes note, in a specific way, of thoughts and emotions in time and space.


Saša Marčeta Foundation 

Bulevar Maršala Tolbuhina 38 Beograd

Artists, partners:



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