Art & fashion

Art & fashion

A fashion event organized in cooperation with Saša Marčeta Foundation and Fabrika Agency will present a unique mix of fashion, theater and performance to the Belgrade audience on May 22 – 23 in Cinema Balkan

Within the Art & Fashion programme, the performance “A little black dress” inspired by the creator Coco Chanel will be performed on May 22. The roles are played by Rada Đuričin and Vjera Mujović.

Program Art & Fashion

Director:  Nataša Radulović                                   Design and manufacture of hats: Ercegovac

Composerr: Rade Radivojević                                Gloves: Evica Milovanović

Costume designer: Igor Todorović                          Scenographer: Aleksandar Veljanović

On the second evening, May 23, Italo Marseglia, a high fashion designer comes to Belgrade with the collection he showed at the Fashion Week in Rome in January. Italo Marseglia was born in the south of Italy in 1990.  Always having been fascinated by the high fashion he has begun to define his own vision based on logic, mathematics, and culture. Dedicated to perfection and interested in art, design skill and handmade quality, Marseglia has introduced the fashion line under its name since 2016.

As a costume designer he will present himself in the performances “ ZINAIDA & LE TROIANE” and “ANNA CAPPELLI ADORA I BAUSTELLE” , in which he will introduce his own visions and inspirations for his creations.

Performance: “ZINAIDA & LE TROIANE”            Performance: “ANNA CAPPELLI ADORA I BAUSTELLE”

Costume designer: Italo Marseglia                             Costume designer: Italo Marseglia

Role: Tamara Aleksić                                                 Role: Bianca Nappi

Director: Rossano Giuppa                                          Director: Rossano Giuppa

A cellist Jela Cello (Jela Mihajlović) will play the tracks from her third album “A search for the magic cello”, which will be released for PGP-RTS at the end of May. Jela appears for the first time as a co-author of music and the album represents a complex music work for the cello and symphony orchestra and her most ambitious music project recorded with Jela Cello Power Symphony Orchestra consisting of sixty members.

In creating the New Artmosphere, Saša Marčeta Foundation wants to participate in various forms of connection and cooperation with top performers and professionals from different fields. Belgrade deserves more of these events. Our plan is to build a bridge that will connect Serbia with the world in two ways!


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