01.01.2019. od 12h do 20h
Cinema Balkan, Braće Jugovića 16, Beograd
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Within the great project New Artmosphere, Saša Marčeta Foundation presents the exhibition “Anecdotes” by Marko Crnobrnja.
We invite you to visit the exhibition and reward yourself with an unusual gift on the first morning of the year.

Each game brings a risk. Convinced that through the game something can be learned, we go through life creating anecdotes. They are for our benefit, and those who have not had the courage to play can only retell our anecdotes and live our lives. “Children in these sculptural units were not presented in any romantic-designed” natural state “in which only their spontaneous openness, innocence and immediacy as a strong counterpoint to the alienation of an adult man, would be emphasized. They were not shown to be completely overwhelmed by the game, driven by the principle of satisfaction and exempt from any responsibility, which would then be the sole responsibility of their parents.

The children in Crnobrnja’s work are in the constant process of testing and investigating the surrounding reality, which often transgressively confronts them with potential dangers and leads to situations in which the wrong choice may have unwanted consequences. The educational aspect of the work consists precisely of the induction of a sense of responsibility for oneself and others, in children as the audience and users of those works. At the same time, this sense of responsibility should not constrain the game, eliminate spontaneity and make children somewhat old, but to add to each game a set of rules that would make the game safe. In this regard, it is also indicative that we rarely encounter standard toys as an ‘attribute of childhood’ in these sculptural units – on the contrary, some of these sculptures took over the function of toys while they had an active role in the family life of Marko Crnobrnja, that is, while his children indulged themselves in playing with such objects. “
Stevan Vuković
Art theoretician

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