15 years of the chamber ensemble „Metamorphosis“

The Belgrade chamber ensemble “Metamorphosis” has recently began a new season, celebrating the 15th anniversary of their artistic work with a special concert in Balkan cinema.

Founded in 2005, following the initiative of the violinist and artistic director Sasa Mirkovic, the ensemble has been committed, ever since its inception, to performing bordering artistic music – new music, world music, while also performing well known, traditional Western European pieces of music in a new way – with different, new arrangements and scene settings. This has become a unique response to the contemporary moment, the taste of the public and the practice of musical performances worldwide.

On Wednesday 30 September “Metamorphosis” filled Balkan cinema with the unparalleled melodies of Ludwig van Beethoven’s compositions.


Ludwig van Beethoven

1. String Quartet op 18 no.4 in C minor

  • Allegro ma non tanto
  • Andante scherzoso quasi allegretto
  • Menuetto: Allegretto
  • Allegro – Prestissimo

2. Cavatina from String Quartet op.130 in B major

3. Grosse Fuge op.133

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