“The Archive of Memories“ project


The history of a building does not entail only its architectural design, phases of construction and its purpose. Therefore,  the 160-year-long past of the cinema Balkan equally encompasses events and people: some of them had their first kiss there, some would „sneak“ in to see a movie projection and many would drift off into daydreams in front of the big screen.

Every now and then people approach us and share funny anecdotes or sentimental recollections of their personal past. They tell us about the past of the cinema as much as they tell us about this particular time when the event took place. These anecdotes take all kinds of forms: from depictions of the building’s architectural phases to hardly verifiable stories like the one about a New Year’s prize pig hunt in the 1950s. A history or a legend? It makes no difference, really. With these memories, the edifice becomes more than just an empty space and acquires a personality.

What are your memories of the cinema Balkan?

Write to us and take part in the project “The Archive of Memories“! Help us paint the Balkan cinema’s portrait!

The most amusing stories and photographs will be published on our social media. The call is open until 9th June, the International Archives Day. The best three stories will win the prize vouchers for the purchase of books at the bookstore Leo commerce.

Please submit your stories via email address contact@fondacijasasamarceta.org

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