Interview with Milena Mijović Durutović

Milena Mijović Durutović

 “Every speck of dust has a marvellous soul…The simplest things give me ideas…However, a man has to keep enough of his honesty and purity so as to be moved.” Joan Miró

Milena, we have been planning your May show at “Balkan” for quite a while. Unfortunately, all our plans have been postponed and are currently on hold. Can we make a brief announcement of what we can expect from your solo show that we are so eagerly looking forward to?

I was, and I still am looking forward to this exhibition, although as I write these lines, I simply cannot ignore the situation we are all facing. I think that these days, more than ever before, we can clearly see that the strongest relationship we will ever have is the relationship with ourselves, and it sets standards for everything else.  

Most importantly, when I think over the ideas and themes that I am absorbed with, it seems to me that “Cosmic Rhythms” stand firm and absolutely correspond to the new time, in which I hope we will find ourselves better and purer in every sense. The adjective “cosmic” denotes an undefined and mysterious trait that relates to something beyond man: something that surrounds and determines him at the same time.  

Today, cosmos is a physical space; a rocket was sent to cosmos…

Milena Mijović Durutović art

Your artistic expression is constantly developing and it explores processes that occur both in our surroundings and within us; these primordial connections that you find in rhythms… How important are they to you and how do these processes affect you? 

The focal point of my artistic explorations are the deepest and most sensitive psychological and cognitive processes which I transpose/visualize into reduced symbols and signs, heavy with meanings. I think that I have never abandoned my graphic style; when I observe my large earthly paintings, to me they look like multilayered graphic surfaces that could never be that big. 

In the long course of history, artists of different generations, coming from different places and with different poetics have meditated and are meditating on nature and its incongruity that is sometimes only illusory, and which, in the end, always turns up to be harmonious. To me, connection with nature is as important as connection with oneself, and if we want to understand ourselves better, we need to respect the rhythms of nature, which we are part of.  

Milena Mijović Durutović art

Your works are organic, they develop through a dialogue with natural spontaneous processes. What is actually the focus of your explorations?

I insist on movement as a substance of all living things, and if I can feel the pulse of my work when I finish it, I know I have accomplished my goal. 

Harmonisation of rhythms and energies, respect for natural processes of the materials, patience and readiness for surprises: that is what leads to artistic result. To a great extent, I replaced the painterly materials with the natural ones and it adds to the inability to control the work processes and repetition. If you accept it, a strong force drives you ahead into advancement that brings the joy of creation. It is impossible to get new shapes without new struggles; and I have been struggling intensively these days. By the right time for the exhibition at “Balkan”, some new themes, or maybe questions will certainly open up. 

Nothing is finite; this is only the present moment

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