3×3 interview with Tara Rodić

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3x3 interview with Tara Rodić

“Let meee, entertain you“

What is happening and developing inside of me with regard to external circumstances is always my personal response to understanding the life itself. By using artistic language, I try to present psychological and social themes that I find interesting. I use painting and symbols to show, as simply as possible, the state of modern man, and how his mental state affects himself and his surroundings. I find it interesting to employ symbols in order to show relationships, occurrences and traits of certain things. For example, I have a series of works with a lollypop that actually represents a boss/powerful person or somebody who feels that way. The series illustrates how the lollypop (the boss) uses its position, how it feels about this power it has over others, but also how this position of power and feeling that we have achieved something, is actually quite limiting – a position that lacks freedom.

Then, there are works that deal with everyday states of people: pressure, existential struggles, lack of empathy, fear… Some of these works feature only a human head, and by this symbol I actually suggest that it is about man. Some of these works are Teškoća bivstvovanja (The Hardship of Being Alive), Sumor je tu iza ćoška (Gloom is Just around the Corner) Klinika za uklanjanje tuđih frustracija, (The Clinic for Removing Other People’s Frustrations), Rehab

Sometimes, I like to use a word as a symbol, and then it takes on the role of what I want to highlight in the work.  The word dangubalija that I derived from the word dangubljenje (time wasting) gave me the concept for a series of work, where I presented some landscapes, or seemingly ordinary occurrences which, with the imbedded word, acquired another meaning. 

3x3 interview with Tara Rodić

When I work, I like to be unrestricted. I usually do oil paintings or drawings on paper/cardboard in combined technique; it depends on what I have at my disposal at the moment. I also have some concepts for installations that are, for the time being, only on paper. Sometimes, I just want to let my hand draw freely, without bothering if it will mean anything; these are usually notebooks full of such idle things. I equally enjoy it, because the lack of inspiration can sometimes be quite liberating. I draw every day, it is my ritual. I turned my apartment into a studio; it is not big, but my largest canvases were done here, so I practically live in my studio. My paintings usually develop from sketches, with colour arrangement coming later, rather intuitively.  I use six or seven colours and combine them into different hues. 

Tara Rodić art

Society needs painters, philosophers, observers – nowadays more than ever before. People are overwhelmed with the lack of time, existential issues, everyday personal problems, and art and artists enable the reality to be recorded and not ignored. I think that insufficient means are allocated to culture. The fact that the Association of Visual Artists has two galleries that nobody has taken care of for god knows how long is very embarrassing. To be an independent artist in Serbia is completely absurd – I mean artist by profession. It is shameful that being an artist here means the state will give you a minimum wage for your health and social insurance, and that’s it. On the other hand, there are speculations and schemes with private at alternative galleries, where, again, you have to beg, or be part of their crew, something like their entertainer almost…. “Let meee, entertain you“(laughs).

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