Radenko Milak

From the Far Side of the Moon

“From the Far Side of the Moon” is an animation movie created by Radenko Milak. It literally places us in movement in a succession of sequences where all linear narration disappears, replaced by a circular narration within which the darkening over to black becomes the metaphor for what cannot be seen, because it is unrepresentable,
in other words, beyond our human measure, our imagination. We see sections of landscapes in which the natural movements of water, air, smoke, plants or living creatures flow one after another. Other shots depict human beings and the mechanical rhythms of man-made machines. Fragments of an interview with Robert Oppenheimer support the underlying dramatic composition up to its somber and
poetic climax. “From the Far Side of the Moon” is a film that plays with the symbolic perceptions of opposites, opposed and reconciled – the masculine and the feminine, the moon and the sun, the light and the dark, absence and presence, the far and the close – and brings us back to this mysterious couple, desire and disaster, that we
could resume with a chiasm: desire for disaster and disaster of desire. The film can be seen as the metaphor for a journey of memory, one that would go from a catastrophe to another, these never appearing in a literal sense, but more often
suggested or metaphorical.

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