Olivier Suter

Olivier Suter – Biography (*1959)

Two big portraits of kids are looking at us like they were twins: a girl and a boy, born 2009, she is coming from Belgrade, he from Sarajevo: Enemies? Olivier Suter looked for them in the post-yugoslavian space with the help of photos that he published in the regional newspaper, hoping someone with the similarity of a twin would answer  and would agree to consequentially go the further steps in his project and be presented side by side with his found twin in public space.

Olivier Suter. (ne)prijatelji, Enemis Balkans, 2018/19  

The Project Enemies makes part of a larger project with the same question: how human beings, who are in fact so close, who are coming from the same earth, nearly the same blood, can become enemies. This closeness, their similarities, but also their separations are the base in the research. The artist is looking by an article and a photo in the local press of both areas for “twins”, people who look similar, but are coming from “different peoples” in different areas, where they are since sometimes enemies. Israël and Palaestina for example, or Serbia and Bosnia & Herzogevina. It was a research who never went quick, never without obstacles, resistance and fears. But each time the artist found on his process kids as “twins”, a boy and a girl, sometimes even from different generations.
In Bioskop Balkan they look quite pleased to the audience of urban Belgrade: a boy from Sarajevo and a girl from Serbia.


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