Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick and Fränzi Madörin

Les Reines Prochaines (Muda Mathis (*1959), Sus Zwick (*1950), Fränzi Madörin (*1963))

Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick and Fränzi Madörin are working in the media of video, installation (video, sound, light, photography), performance and music. The various fields of these different media and themes influence and interact with each other. They work as a pairalone as a group or individually, in changing formations and with Les Reines Prochaines (the Next Queens as performance music band and feminist actors) they find their inspiration in the physical and philosophical, the everyday, the mythological, the absurd, as well as in cultural history. 

For our opening in Bioskop Balkan the Next Queens will perform, sing and acclaim their convinctions for equality, freedom and consciousness in our contemporary society. A little songbook with their texts in German and English will be published for the exhibition.

In Nivo 1 and 2 we enter in the space of unconsciousness, of the sleep, the dream and also laziness. Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick and Fränzi Madörin are inviting us to enter in their lullaby-song, in another sphere, with their 3-channel videoinstallation Our Own Sleep. We discover the individual anarchy of sleeping.

 “Sleep comes from “slap” and is related to the word “slack“. Sleep means not being productive in the material sense. To sleep means to do nothing. Hit the sack also means going to “sleep”. Sleep is like sheep, sleep is like sheep. Sleep is individual anarchy.
There is something strange about the calm of sleepers. In sleep, we are vulnerable and alone, finally alone. Sleep is a mysterious state. Sleep smells of the body, of base human needs, it’s so un-modern, unreasonable, out of control. Sleep is individual anarchy.
Sleep is more than a break a rest for the brain. Sleep is more than shifting from short-term to long-term memory. Sleep is the condition for waking up. And what does the body know that the mind doesn’t? We sleep, we sleep for a better world.
I mean sleep as a revolutionary practice. And I say, yes, money should sleep. I say, yes, control should sleep. I say, yes, fear and faint-heartedness and hiccups should sleep, and I say, yes, habits should sleep.”

Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick, Fränzi Madörin. Our Own Sleep, 3-channel-Videoinstallation, 2014

The huge photos The Golden Landscape of Feminism: Equality, Dignity and Aim to Rule, 2012, from Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick and Fränzi Madörin shows the necessity of equality and gives us hope, that this Golden Landscape one day can be lived in our societies.

The Golden Landscape of Feminism. Aim to Rule, 2012.

Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick, Fränzi Madörin. The Golden Landscape of Feminism. Bond, 2012

The Golden Landscape of Feminism. Equality, 2012.


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