Katja Schenker

Katja Schenker (*1968)

Katja Schenker’s performative confrontations result from physical and psychological energy expressed in drawings, sculptures, objects and installations. Her performances take place in architectural and environmental settings, using everyday materials – stone, wood, textiles … – that are transformed into new forms by simple continuous actions: wrapping, stuffing, releasing, spinning, stretching, dropping, blowing up….  These actions are all about experiencing boundaries. 

In her performance at Bioskop Balkan, Katja Schenker will act at the opening in the main room. With her performance Sehnen / yearning, 2018/19, figuring out the possibilities of the radius of being bound..The exhibition presents on the attic a video-documentation of her works alongside a sampler of previous performances and installations.

Katja Schenker. sehnen, 2018

Photo: Severin Kuhn

Near the staircase we find a video documentation of her performance halten so lange sie hält / last as long as she lasts made on December 2017 in the Residence of the Swiss Embassy as a kind of overture to questioning STAYING HERE WITH YOU. With 52 handmade Serbian bricks the artist builds herself a base, which serves to close the space between her hands and the ceiling with two bricks in her hands as a living, supporting sculpture. 

Katja Schenker. halten so lange sie hält / last as long as she lasts, 2017

Photo: Renée Lou Jungo


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