Christoph Rütimann

Christoph Rütimann (*1955)

Christoph Rütimann as a second-generation performance artist. He is also a painter, a draftsman, a sculpturer, photographer and video artist. In his diversity his artistic work is always marked by a performative attitude. His works for Belgrade are video-discoverings through cities like B(elgrade). Over a period of 19 years now, the artist has been creating as part of his work these complex Geh-Länder  video-rail-recordings in different cities of the world moving his camera along existing structures, such as rails, tubes or railings. 

This results in films that are directed by the existing structures as a camera support, resulting in surprising and unconventional angles and reveal in their own manner the topography of the city as well as its inhabitants. 

Christoph Rütimann
Christoph Rütimann. Handlauf Belgrad, video, 2001

Another performance related work for the White City are 5 cultural maces in porcelain – The Big Stick –, which, apart from being objects, are also playing a symbolic role as partners to the defense of culture. They will literally be STAYING HERE WITH YOU in Belgrade and will find partners in a cultural context for a cultural impact. Even the wooden original, created by nature in the process of inoculating apple cultures and from which in turn they were copied, will find a partner in Serbia.

Christoph Rütimann
Christoph Rütimann.Ein Stein in der Hand das ist der Hammer, 2019 © Christoph Rütimann photo: Stephan Rohner


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