Alexandra Meyer

Alexandra Meyer (*1984)

Alexandra Meyer’s works – video, video performances, photography, installation and sculpture – are often casually connected through commonplace elements. She addresses major questions about human existence through interaction of body, mind, and psyche.  In doing so, she captivates the spectator’s attention with humor and casual lightness.

In Bioskop Balkan the young artist who just absolved her master study in Basel, shows at the opening the delegated performance Vinyl, 2015/19. Three Serbian performers stay closely together for the creation of a transparent balloon fully filled with their breath of life.

Alexandra Meyer, Vinyl, 2015. Videostill

In the 1st floor you find two videos of Alexandra, in fact two performances for the camera: Kick, 2017, shows the artist with her motorcycle and how she tries endlessly to start it without any success, lost in an absurd impossibility. She will have to stay…

The next video as second part shows us Cycle, 2017, an idyllic Swiss Landscape in summertime. A silent moment with singing birds. Suddently the motorcycle with the artist on it passes loudly through the still life with a pink exhaust cloud behind her… – what a marvelous, sweet and dynamic movement!

Alexandra Meyer
Alexandra Meyer, Kick, 2017. Videostill


Alexandra Meyer
Alexandra Meyer, Cycle, 2017. Videostil


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